"etc." came into being in June of 2015 when Kristin Hollander and Michelle Courtright, the owners of Minneapolis-based agency MADE, and Mike Haeg, an independent Creative Director and experiential artist from Minnesota, met for the first time at a weekly salon garden dinner for world travelers in Paris. 4,200 miles from their backyards.

We immediately bonded over the need for authentic interaction of brand and shared a natural gravitation to solutions that do not involve the traditional broadcast-print-digital model.

Recent projects like MADE's #VanGrow (a two-acre planting of an actual Van Gogh painting created for Minneapolis Institute of Arts that drew international attention) didn't fit neatly into MADE's brand of tactile product, so etc. was born. The success of such projects in reach and increased membership got noticed and the phone started ringing.

Similarly Mike's work as a Walker Art Center fellowed experiential artist, Art Shanty Projects artist, urban homesteader and former creative at mono, Fallon, Carmichael Lynch, and Goodby Silverstein and Partners was growing beyond his abilities, working alone.

While we can do everything that makes up a traditional marketing campaign, we are finding that real world connections are moving the needle much more for brands and causes. It's all that other stuff that stands out in increasingly monotonous traditional media.

Etcetera is our name for all of these 'other' things we have in mind for clients that fall under categories of live branding, experiential, and non-traditional marketing.

Let's connect.

And, if you're ever in Paris, don't miss Jim Haynes' Sunday dinner party.