As a mayor, Haeg seems to prefer a velvet touch to the iron fist of more hard-hearted politicians. His easygoing, amicable governance—and the fact that his entire town sits on less than an acre of land—mean he’s a munificent and always easy-to-find public servant. He’s also got a lot of local-boy charm, having been born just a few blocks from his current home.

This all might cause the casual Internet reader to imagine Mike Haeg as some sort of kooky, isolated, post-modern artist-turned-megalomaniac, but if anything, Mount Holly stands as a testament to the open, friendly nature of its government, the overarching mission of which seems to center around connecting people of all kinds to one another, and propagating a culture not of homogenous self-glorification, but of collaborative self-betterment.

– Phillip James Hart for The Onion

Mt. Holly, MN (pop. 4)